FC NOVA | Uniform Info and Style Guide

FCN Competitive Uniform Kits for the 2016-18 cycle are as outlined below. 
The approximate cost for the required kit is $225.00.
To order uniform and training attire please click HERE.

Required items for U10+(2007 and above):

  1. Morona Jersey
  2. Black Regista Jersey
  3. Black Regista Short
  4. White Copa Sock
  5. Black Copa Sock
  6. 2 Training tees
  7. Black Condivo Jacket

Ordering process If you have a number from last year:

1. Click on SHOP button on http://www.fcnova.org. All costs, etc. are there. Please order replacement items* as needed. All orders will be paid for and ship directly to you.
*If you need to try on additional sizes to ensure accuracy, please attend on of our try on events BEFORE placing your order.
If you have not yet been assigned a number:
(or have recently been assigned a number for 2017/18 start at step 2 below)
1. Contact your team manager to get a number. If you have not yet heard from a team manager, please be patient and wait until your first team meeting or until you hear from one.
2. Attend a uniform try on event. Collect and fill out the form with sizing for all required and optional items.
3. After receiving confirmation of your players jersey number, you can place your order for all required items (and optional ones if you so choose) via our website at http://www.fcnova.org and clicking the SHOP button. Orders are paid online and will ship directly to your house.
Uniform Try on Times (open to everyone):
Monday July 10th 9 am -12 pm
Tuesday July 11th 3-7 pm .
Wednesday July 12th 9 am - 12 pm
Monday July 17th 5-7pm.
Tuesday July 18th 4-6 pm
Wednesday July 19th 5-7 pm. 
All Try on's are at FC Nova. Located at 3924 E. Lake Hazel Rd. Meridian, 83642.